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Cap San Diego

Cap San Diego is a general cargo ship built in 1961 that still is seaworthy and offers excursions. On our tour we will see the bridge as well as the engine room. An exhibition takes us back in time to worldwide shipping before the introduction of containers.

Cap San Diego at Landungsbrücken

The largest, operational museum freighter in the world

Welcome on board and experience the working technology of Cap San Diego! From the command bridge to the engine room our ship offers lively impressions of the great time of general cargo shipping of the 1960ies before containers were introduced. All important areas of the ship are open to visitors, providing a unique insight into a piece of industrial heritage.

Engine room: everything that makes us go

The extent of the main engine is impressive: you will need to scale two stairs, called “companionways”, to get all the way down to the operation station of the engine. Here the ship is driven. Follow us into the realm of engineering!

Design and construction: fully shipshape

When you admire the elegant salon on board, it’s easy to forget that Cap San Diego is a freighter and not a passenger ocean liner. The upholstery in the hall is luxurious and inviting, tasteful and sterling the brass and leather of the bar. In contrast the crew accomodations can be visited as well. Considering the standards of the time, they were considered homey and comfortable, nonetheless. We invite you through the open doors.

The Bridge: high up with the captain

Through the wide bank of windows the command crew has everything in sight. The bridge continues to be the center of control of the ship. Here the captain works while she is underway, here the course is set that Cap San Diego is taking, here the helmsman is steering. Enter into the world of navigation!

Masts and cargo gear: lifting them high

The silhouette of Cap San Diego includes the masts and seemingly confusing tangle of booms, cranes, wires and lines connecting them. This cargo gear made Cap San Diego into a “fast ship” that could be loaded and unloaded quickly. Take a look!

Hatches and decks: big trap and much below

Careful! Don’t get dizzy looking down through Hatch 1 into the deep holds. Cap San Diego seems bigger on the inside. Follow us into the belly of the beast!


  • Days:
    • Day 1 (27.12.) tour has been cancelled
    • Day 2 (28.12.) 12:40 hours
    • Day 3 (29.12.) 12:40 hours
  • Duration: 1,5 hours
  • Language: German and English
  • Cost: 14€
  • Meet at Hackertours Desk: at time given above
    • Alternatively, you can come to the location directly. In this case, please let us know by writing us at ticket@hackertours.hamburg.ccc.de. Please arrive at the location no later than one hour after the time given above. We will be meeting at the entry to the ship at Überseebrücke.
  • Location: Cap San Diego, Überseebrücke, U+S Landungsbrücken or U Baumwall
  • Operator: Cap San Diego Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
  • Accessibilty: The ship is not accessible at all.
  • Photo: Peter Haas / CC BY-SA 3.0