37c3 Hackertours

Motorschiff Stubnitz

Would you like to see where the rc3 teleshop studio actually stood? Or what a ship of the GDR deep-sea fishing fleet looks like from the inside? And what the technology looks like that still keeps the ship afloat and visible in Hamburg today as a non-profit, participatory cultural spaceship? Come along for a tour on the motor vessel Stubnitz!

Die MS Stubnitz an ihrem Liegeplatz in der Hafencity Die Brücke der MS Stubnitz

The Stubnitz was built as a refrigerated ship in Stralsund in 1964, transformed into a mobile art and culture ship after reunification and has since been active as a floating cultural venue in over 20 European port cities. She has been a listed building since 2003 and is now one of the oldest technically authentic maritime vessels of this size that is still seaworthy. Concerts, parties, readings, performances and corporate events usually take place on board. As part of the 37c3, crew members will guide you through the otherwise closed parts of the 80-metre-long ship - including, for example, the engine room, radio room, “server room”, chambers in almost original condition, cargo holds, bridge and, of course, the event rooms and the former studio of the teleshop… uh yeah.

If you can no longer click on a ticket, don’t worry, there may be new contingents and it’s best to get out your notebooks and sign up anyway: From 6 pm on day 2 (28.12.23) there will also be the “Cable Trash - 37c3 Congress-Edition” on board (18:00 tales from the depths (kilosecond presentations), ~20:00 live: die stadt der zukunft (bremen), ~22:00 djs (tba) … open end: https://cabletrash.de/ct39.htm - there will also be time to roam around on the ship - unguided in the public areas. If you live in the Hamburg area and would like to help us in general with your skills and motivation, please contact us at: it-crew@stubnitz.com, we have a lot planned, a lot to offer and are looking for reinforcement in the team.

In general, we are currently in a phase where we urgently need to raise third-party funds and donations, so help us & spread the word. If you can’t spare 15€ for a tour, let us know at the tour and we’ll refund half of it.


  • Day 2 (28.12.) 14:45 hours
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Language: Deutsch, Englisch eingeschränkt
  • Cost: 15€
  • Meet at Hackertours Desk: 14:45 hours
    • Alternatively, you can come to the location directly. In this case, please let us know by writing us at ticket@hackertours.hamburg.ccc.de. Please arrive at the location no later than one hour after the time given above. We will be meeting at ship at MS Stubnitz,Kirchenpauerkai 29.
  • Location: MS Stubnitz, U+S Elbbrücken
  • Operator: Motorschiff Stubnitz e.V.
  • Accessibilty: not accessable at all, steep gangways and stairs, uneven ground, etc.