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U-Boat Museum Hamburg U-434

A technical adventure awaits you, where you can descend into one of the largest non-nuclear hunting and espionage submarines of its time. Our guides will not only give you a tour of the submarine with great background information, but also an exclusive tour of the command center.

U-434 am Fischmarkt U-434 Torpedoraum

Tango Class

is the successor to the Foxtrot class, the first Soviet diesel electric boat with an anti-sonar coating. It was the conventional counterpart to the Victor II-class nuclear submarines and was originally designed and built for anti-submarine combat. For the first time, the following innovations were used in this Soviet submarine type: a sonar complex instead of individual systems, a connection of the sonar complex with a combat command system, automatic data input into the torpedoes before the shot, an automatic ballast control system and automatic depth control incl. Autopilot. In contrast to the Foxtrot class, these submarines had a better streamlined shape, which made them even more useful for underwater use. Due to the cylindrical shape, which extended over the entire hull, the capacity of the batteries could be increased and a further developed electrical system (e.g. bow sonar and fire control system) could be installed. This special rubber coating made it almost impossible for the sonar equipment of the western secret services to locate this espionage submarine.

For this reason, the tango would probably not have been an easy target for submarine defenders in shallow water. The secret military project 641b, the Tango class, was used by the Soviet Navy on long patrols and submarine hunts from 1976. Due to the little concrete information about this ship, almost hardly any photos and reports made it to the public.


  • Days:
    • Tag 1 (27.12.) 15:45 hours
    • Tag 2 (28.12.) 10:45 hours
    • Tag 3 (29.12.) 11:05 hours
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Language: German and English
  • Cost: 13€
  • Meet at Hackertours Desk: at time given above
    • Alternatively, you can come to the location directly. In this case, please let us know by writing us at ticket@hackertours.hamburg.ccc.de. Please arrive at the location no later than one hour after the time given above. We will be meeting at entrance to the u-boat.
  • Location: U-Boot-Museum Hamburg, Bus Linie 2, Hafentreppe
  • Operator: U-Bootmuseum Hamburg GmbH
  • Accessibilty: The boat is not accessible at all. Because of the narrow space in the submarine, the visit is not recommended for people with physical limitations or if there is a risk of claustrophobia. A tour for wheelchair users is not possible due to the technical conditions.
  • Photo: Florian Adler / CC BY-SA 3.0, Holger.Ellgaard / CC BY-SA 3.0